Colour Consultation

Feeling stuck with a wardrobe full of neutrals? Wondering why you look drained in colours that you thought suited you? Bored with your look? You may want to wear more colours but it can be difficult to know which ones suit you best. When you understand which colours complement your natural colouring you can save money and look great.

During your colour consultation I will demonstrate:

  • why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others
  • which colours suit you best and how to wear them
  • how to wear the colours you already have in a fresh new way
  • how to create a versatile wardrobe
  • advice and tips on make-up colours that suit you naturally

Session essentials…
Duration: 2 hours
Take home help: A 42 colour swatch wallet to use as a guide when shopping.

Fee: £135

” I now have a much clearer idea of what to go for and what to leave well   alone!” – Liz


Style Consultation

Unsure about which styles really suit you? Getting caught in the mutton or matron dilemma? Many women find shopping for clothes overwhelming and frustrating. Buying clothes and then never wearing them is so frustrating. And such a waste of money. And in case you wondered…. you might remove a sweater, but I won’t ask you to stand in front of a mirror in your underwear!!

I will show you how to:

  • select the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape, proportions, budget and lifestyle
  • stay current
  • express your personality through your clothes and accessories
  • achieve a perfect fit every time
  • develop a co-ordinated and varied wardrobe
  • dress with confidence

Session essentials…
Duration: 2 hours
Take home help: A personalised 28-page style workbook full of tips and current information.

Fee: £150

Full Image Consultation

Maybe you just know you would benefit from my help with your look – and would prefer to get the whole story sorted right away. A full image consultation combines colour, make-up and style consultations. You receive a very personal makeover, and you know how to put it all together for yourself. How to wear the clothes you already own, and how to find your best clothes and colours in the future.

Your Full image Consultation includes:

  • a colour consultation to discover which colours suit you best
  • a make-up consultation to learn how to apply your best make-up shades
  • a style consultation to discover your style personality so that your clothes work for your body shape, your lifestyle and your budget

“Being in my 20’s, I’ve spent the past decade experimenting with fashion…you totally transformed how I dress and look, which has given me a real confidence boost!” – Claudia


Session essentials…
Duration: 4 hours
Take home help: A 42 colour swatch wallet to use as a guide when shopping, a personalised Beauty Workbook full of tips (including advice given on the day) and a personalised 28 page Style Workbook full of tips along with information on the latest styles for the season.

Fee: £270

Make-Up Lesson

Ever spent money on lipsticks and blushers and afterwards doubted the purchase: Does this really suit me? If you are unsure about how best to choose colours that are right for you and if you would like to learn how to update and apply your make-up a lesson could be just the thing for you.

During your make-up lesson I will show you:

  • make-up colours that suit you naturally
  • application tips for a long lasting look
  • make-up looks for your special occasions
  • a fast and simple make-up routine

Session essentials…
Duration: 1 hour
Take home help: A personalised 12-page Beauty Workbook full of tips.

Fee: £55

Wardrobe Audit

Would you like a fresh perspective on the items in your wardrobe? Many women have wardrobes full of clothes – but wear only a small proportion of them. In fact, research shows that most women only ever wear 20% of their wardrobe. If you recognise that yourself why not book me for a wardrobe audit. A fresh pair of eyes can work wonders with tired wardrobes. And there will be absolutely no pressure to get rid of anything you would rather keep. I promise.

Your Wardrobe Audit will:

  • show you how you can wear more of your clothes
  • make the very best of what you have
  • surprise yourself by creating new coordinated looks
  • freshen your wardrobe with de-cluttering
  • identify the gaps in your wardrobe ie key colours or key items

Fee: £55 per hour 

Personal Shopping

Hate shopping for clothes? Find the whole experience tiring and unrewarding? Frustrated by buying items you don’t really like? Don’t have time to waste ‘going round in circles’? Having a specialist shopper with you solves all of those problems. We decide ahead of time what we are looking for, often based on your style or wardrobe consultation. I do the research and then we meet – usually in the West End. Within a couple of hours you go home confidently with your purchases. And a good idea how to apply those skills yourself in the future.

“I bought three items you recommended for me – all within 15 minutes! I’m so pleased – as you know I’ve previously spent many hours wandering around the shops and coming away with nothing.” – Karen


Going shopping with me will:

  • save you time and energy
  • give you a fresh perspective
  • give you confidence that you will still love your purchases way into the future
  • protect you from over enthusiastic sales staff
  • help keep you within your budget and away from bad purchasing habits

Fee: £55 per hour

Special Occasion Style Consultation

How I would have loved to have had access to a specialist style consultant when I was a mature bride! At the time I relied on instinct and a super stylish girlfriend’s advice (thank you Petra!) when choosing my outfit. Here’s a pic taken at my wedding to my gorgeous husband Richard. It’s only now that I realise that although the style was PERFECT, a warmer colour would have looked even better. But without specialist help how was I to know…

Of course you want to look your best on your big day or your son or daughter’s big day. But it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices on offer. Hat or fascinator or hair ornament? If it’s to be a hat – what shape should I go for? Do I really have to wear green because that’s the colour theme? What DOES a 50, 60 or (in the case of my new stepmother) an 84 year old wear to her own wedding???

And these days there are other considerations too. Sensitivity between the Mother of the Bride who is an ex-wife and the new wife. What to wear that will be both stylish and appropriate?

Whether your special event is a wedding, black tie, special birthday or even a ship naming ceremony during your Special Occasion Style Consultation I can:

  • answer questions about what is appropriate
  • help you to decide on hat shape, size and colour
  • point you in the right direction with respect to hair styles
  • help you in your decision as to the shape, style and fabric of your outfit
  • show you how to wear accessories
  • show you where to shop
  • give you make-up colours and skills that make you look your best on the day

If you wish, you could combine this consultation with a personal shopping trip in the West End.

Session essentials…
Duration: 2 hours
Take home help: A personalised 28-page book full of style tips with special emphasis on your occasion wear.

Fee: £170

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