Image Consultation

Did you know that first impressions are formed well within the first 30 seconds of a meeting? And that those impressions are based principally on your physical appearance? 55% of what people will think about you will be based on non verbal signs – what you are wearing, how you stand or sit, the strength of your handshake.

For all of us, whether we are public figures or not, managing our appearance is an important part of who we are. It makes a visual statement about our personality and our lifestyle, as well as an indication of our abilities and confidence. Whether you are a graduate preparing for interviews, whether you are planning to retire and leave formal business wear behind, or whether you want to make the right impression when dating, what you wear says a lot more about you than you might think.

Your image consultation can help you make the right impression. You will learn which colours and styles:

  • compliment your colouring
  • balance your build, scale and proportions
  • fit your personality
  • are current
  • are appropriate for the occasion, be it business or social

Session essentials…
Duration: 2 hours
Take home help: A personalised 28-page style workbook full of tips and current information. A wallet of 42 colour swatches to take with you when shopping.

Fee: £190

Wardrobe Audit

Following your image consultation you may want help organising your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe audit will:

  • show you what can stay and what can go
  • make the very best of what you have
  • identify the gaps in your wardrobe i.e. key items or key colours
  • create more space and de-clutter
  • help you draw up a shopping list

Fee: £55 per hour

Specialist Shopping Services

Once you have established what needs to be eliminated from your wardrobe and what you need to buy, you might make a shopping list and set yourself a budget. Remember to spend most on what you wear the most. If a business suit is your work uniform, make it an investment buy; if jeans are your chosen work wear, make sure they fit you well. When you are ready to shop there are two services you can choose from:

I shop for you

You could opt to commission me to shop for you, saving you the time and effort of having to go to the shops at all. At your image consultation we decide on your needs and I do the purchasing. You decide what you want to keep and what, if anything, you want me to return. It’s a simple as that.

We shop together

Having a specialist shopper with you solves you the problems of deciding where to shop and what to buy. We decide ahead of time what we are looking for, based on your image consultation. I do the research and then we meet – usually in the West End. Within a couple of hours you go home confidently with your purchases. And with a good idea of how to apply those skills yourself in the future.

Going shopping with me will:

  • save you time and energy
  • give you a clear direction on which styles to buy and which to leave alone
  • give you confidence that the clothes you buy will fit in all the right places
  • protect you from over enthusiastic sales staff
  • help keep you within your budget and away from bad purchasing habits

Fee: £55 per hour



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